The Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary came into existence in 1951 to take care of the Scripture needs of Telugu speaking people. The Telugu Bible has been now in usage for over 150 years. For the last five decades, AP Auxiliary has been serving the Churches of all denominations by providing more than 50 varieties of Telugu Bibles and contributing to the growth of the Church. The Digital version of the BSI Telugu Bible has been uploaded to YouVersion app in partnership with Life Church and Digital Bible Library. The Telugu Audio Bible has been recorded and is to be released soon.
Due to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and the subsequent creation of the State of Telangana on February 07, 2014, the Executive Committee of BSI has decided to bifurcate the Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary and create Telangana Auxiliary. We have decided to move the Andra Pradesh Auxiliary to Amaravathi, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh and establish its headquarters at Guntur. The Inaugural Worship Service of Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary was held on Monday the 1st February 2016 at Guntur at St. Mathew’s Lutheran Church, West Parish, Guntur, AP. The Telangana Auxiliary will continue to function from Secunderabad.